dear mothers

why do you make us cry
when you should make us smile 

why do you make us doubt ourselves
when you should teach us how to love ourselves 

dear mothers
how can you shut yourselves off so much
that you can watch your daughters bleed out
right in front of you 

inaction your name
contempt your wall
self-hate concealed
so much you don´t even see it yourself 

what happened
that made you like this
what are you protecting yourself from 

why don´t you see
you hiding your self from yourself
taught us how to hide our-selves
from you
and us

dear mothers
how can you not feel
the anger
the frustration
the suppressed roar 

dear mothers
how can you not see
the agony etched onto our faces 

why do you make us double over in pain
misuse our need for your love 

why do you steal the words from our tongues
this inability to speak up
this inability to know what to say
self-expression a foreign land
to both of us 

dear mothers
you do not hurt us most
what hurts most is us
not trusting ourselves
what hurts most is us
abandoning ourselves
by constantly crawling back to you 

what hurts us most
is that we keep trying because
we understand you 

Elza BuderComment