4 am

we spend time together but you're absent

your mind is elsewhere
you don't listen 
to the words I say
yet you laugh at my jokes 
and hold me like I'll slip away. 
still you hurt me 
without knowing 
because I don't tell you 
that what you're doing 
hurts me so much my soul cries out
into a hollow body. 

do you use me 
why don't you love me 
do you need me 
why don't you call me 
let me hold you 
why won't you kiss me
let me talk to you 
why can't we be?

don't fool me 
I know I'm not the only one
I'm not stupid 
yet so dumb, 
dumb enough to let you
get so close to my heart
you could touch it
but you drop it
and it breaks and tears apart.

why do you use me 
you don't love me
why don't you need me 
you don't call me 
why can't I hold you
you don't kiss me 
why can't I talk to you 
we can't be.

PS: to the author. thank you for sharing this with the world and most importantly for trusting me with your words first. my appreciation and gratitude can´t be put into words.

Elza BuderComment