i was wondering (a post dedicated to my lobster)

i was wondering
if you like me too
even though
you say you do

i was wondering
if you’d stay by my side
even when i knew you would
and you said you’d do
just that

i was wondering
if you’d hold my hand
and kiss me softly
if you’d know all
the ugly
even when you did
just that

and i was wondering
if you´d love me
like i love you
even when
you said you do
just that

so i am wondering
what does it feel like to you
and are you wondering too

or are you feeling the flow,
that i feel sometimes,
all the time

i was wondering
if you feel it too
the river
the wind
the gentle texture
the infinite nothingness
the greatest creation
the purpose
the safety
and determination
even though i know you do
just that

i was wondering
if i say
“i love you”,
would you go and scream
“i love you”
from a mountain
and make the whole world see
“we are one”
just like that

PS: i am not a poet, this just flowed out and i felt like sharing. it will be up for one week, please go easy on me- it´s kinda late at night. also: i know the way i used grammar might not make any sense but it´s what i felt like doing- see it as art (you don´t need to understand and it doesn´t need to be pretty).

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