Stop Waiting For Motivation

Quit waiting for it. Sitting on your couch and listening to supposedly motivating songs, clicking through your carefully curated playlist, trying to find the song that will get you to finally pick up those weights or running shoes or yoga mat or whatever else. 

Quit waiting for it. Lying in bed and clicking through Pinterest and Instagram, trying to find a new inspirational quote, even though they´re all the same. 

Quit waiting for it. Because it might come. It might not. But it won´t stay. Motivation is not your bestie that will be there for you every time you call or your dog that loves you unconditionally and would do anything for you. 

Motivation is curated. By you. YOU get into the flow. YOU put on the gym clothes that make you look great. YOU make progress every week. YOU sometimes fail or plateau. YOU get out of those days where nothing works, and YOU dance and float through the amazing days.

Quit waiting for it. Motivation will come and go. And it never stays. When it´s there: great. Ride the wave. When it´s not: create your own wave and push through it. The results will motivate you soon enough. Or they will make you stand up even though you´re not motivated. 

Quit waiting for it. Instead, create a mindset. A hunger for progress, not only physically but in how you sleep, feel, heal, overcome, shape your mind and change your taste buds, for how your doctor compliments you on your blood test and your overall health. 

Quit waiting for it. And quit chastising yourself for never having it. Nobody is motivated all the time. You know why you are doing this. 

Quit waiting for it and instead love yourself a little more by trying to create motivation by doing and continuing to do.

Quit waiting for it. Feel the blood moving, your heart pumping, look yourself in the eyes, nod and get up. You can do this. 

Have a great day and stay here, in the moment, in the flow. 

Elza BuderComment