How I went from never working out, to doing it five times a week

Two years ago on January first, I started a New Years Resolution. Yeah, I know- typical. When did you give up Elza? How long before you failed? It´s a stupid resolution, those never work. 

Listen up here. I actually did it. My resolution was to start a healthy lifestyle. I would work out five times a week and eat healthily, have some cheat days every now and then. And now it´s over two years later and I am still going strong and I have learned so much and evolved a lot. 

Working out outdoors has to be my favorite, especially running or hiking in new surroundings; this was taken in Noosa, Australia after a run through the National Park to find the Fairy Pools.

Working out outdoors has to be my favorite, especially running or hiking in new surroundings; this was taken in Noosa, Australia after a run through the National Park to find the Fairy Pools.

I started out because I hated my body. I hated how it looked, how unfit it was. So I started to do cardio. Lots of it. I think almost everyone goes down that route. But that only lasted for about two weeks, because I found strength training. I never went to the gym. I actually got Powerblock Dumbbells (no, this is not sponsored). Because I started following FitnessBlender. And Kelli and Daniel, who create this channel, have taught me so much. They taught me how fun and effective training only 30-40 minutes a day can be, the huge impact of strength training and how important and also tasty healthy eating can be.

I started cooking because of this journey. And I LOVE cooking now. It´s one of my top three hobbies. 

It sounds like a fairy tale, doesn´t it? But it wasn´t always this easy. Because I went from being an unfit person to being a health-obsessed person. I talked horribly to myself- hating myself when I missed a workout or ate badly once. Punishing myself with extremely hard workouts and undereating. I definitely was undereating at that time. I just wanted this sense of control, so I counted my macros religiously and forced myself to work out six days a week. And yes, I lost weight. I learned a lot about food and what my body liked and needed. But this mindset was destroying me. 

These past two years were not really about working out and eating healthy. That´s what I thought it was going to be about. It was actually about acceptance and self-love. And confidence. I had to watch a lot of YouTube videos, Kelli and Daniel became my best friends. And many other YouTubers. They helped me to transition to someone who loves working out because it´s fun, not because it will make me look great and lose weight. It´s not a punishment anymore; I do it because it amazes me what I can achieve, what the human body is capable of doing, what MY body is capable of doing. 

It took a lot of experimenting. I now track my macros very loosely and only work out when I feel like it. Which is still four to five times a week, because I love it. My training style has changed a lot- I incorporate a lot of calisthenics and yoga into my strength training and when I feel like it, every once in a while, I´ll do some HIIT cardio. And yes, I still track my macros. LOOSELY. 

Here´s why: Yes, I am a control freak. But I love that I know exactly what my body needs and wants. Some people just feel that. But that´s not me. Calorie tracking is not for everyone, just how eating intuitively is not for everyone. I found out exactly what my perfect fuel is to work out uninhibitedly and still have more than enough energy for the rest of my busy days. 

I feel great. And that´s in the end what made me look great, in my opinion. 

BUT. I still have days where I don´t like my body. Where I wish I had a little less of this and a little bit more of that, or I could do 25 pull-up´s and not "just" whatever amount I managed that day. I deal with this differently each time: Sometimes I get lost in self-hate. Sometimes I manage to look at myself differently, out of sheer will. And sometimes I need to watch videos, focus on something else, journal or meditate and just wear something extra fly, that makes me feel like a million bucks, no matter how bloated I am. 

I guess when it comes to working out, you just need to find what you like. I think everyone should do it in some form. Even "just" once a week. Do yoga, pilates, running, biking, play team sports, go ice skating or play with your dog. Become a gym rat. Literally anything. Because working out can help you in so many ways. Not only is it good for your physical health. And your mental health. But it´s also a way to find a bit more self-love and confidence, if approached with the right mindset. A way to feel proud of yourself. And we all need a little bit more of that.

Do you play any sports or stay active in some other way? And why do you do it? I´d love to know. 

Have a great day and stay here. 

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