Whenever your Sunday of the week comes, your glorious off-day, you finally have the time to recharge. Get rid of the week or reflect on the positive stuff, but most importantly just get a clear mind. A fresh start. 

How often though, is that one day then filled with people we "have" to see, things we need to do? And so maybe you only end up with two hours, maybe even 30 minutes to get some quiet time. 
This week I want to urge you to try to find at least half a day where you can do whatever you want, if at all possible. If not, go with a thirty- minutes- Sunday.

Self-care finally has become more of a mainstream thing. Slowly we´re recognizing that it´s not a vain, egoistic indulgence, but more a necessity. A form of basic self-respect and also a way to find your inner balance again, so that you can go back to dealing with your problems and daily life and other people´s lives. It should be a basic routine that is built up, made a daily habit. But I know how hard that can be. Another thing I should schedule in my bursting planner. Well, if you´re not quite at the point where you can implement a 10-20 minute feel-good-routine into your day to day life, then your personal Sunday can be the best option to at least do it once a week. 


Either way, here comes a list of things to do, to shake off the negativity that might not even be yours, find out how you´re truly feeling, find your center of gravity, practice some self-care and acceptance, feel the love and recharge for the next week: 

  • read a book that has nothing to do with learning in the obvious sense, just a fun read

  • take a walk in nature

  • do a slow yoga practice or a deep full body stretch

  • listen to podcasts or an audiobook

  • no aggressive music for a day, just soothing, joyful tracks

  • journal

  • go swimming

  • cook a three-course meal just for yourself

  • declutter one room/ your closet

  • plan out your next week

  • buy yourself flowers

  • aromatherapy

  • take a nap

  • bake something you haven´t tried before

  • shut down your phone and computer or just stay in flight mode so you can still listen to your music/ audiobooks

  • soak your feet

  • watch a sunset or sunrise

  • do something you´ve been putting off for a while

  • go to a Museum/ theater/ library

  • explore new music and make a new playlist for the week

  • reflect on the last six/three months/ last month and find things you are grateful for

  • go to an animal shelter

  • reorganize your bedroom: different pictures on the walls, move your furniture around

  • declutter your digital space

  • dry-brush your whole body

The list could go on and on. Find what works for you. And just enjoy this little time you have, you deserve it.

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