Moving Meditation


"I hate meditation; I cannot sit still for so long. I need to DO something to FOCUS on something."

If that´s you then this might work for you, and if you´re doing one type of meditation over and over again and want some inspiration or a change, then this is also for you. 


There is no right way to meditate. Everyone´s different, so why would sitting in lotus position surrounded by incents and 435 Hertz music work for everyone? For me that works some days, some days it doesn´t. And what works best for me is moving meditation. Yoga, of course, is a wonderful meditation style that connects you to your breath and body so intently that you don't even notice you´re meditating. Your sole focus is movement and breath. But I also love walking in nature, just taking a stroll. Every step I take I try to feel the sensations in my feet. Different textures and pressure. The weight of my body on the earth, the way my leg muscles work, my core muscles shifting and my arms swinging. I focus on smells for a while or just noise. Then just visual input. There´s nowhere else to be, and nowhere I need to go so that I can walk however long and wherever I want to go and when my gut tells me to go right I go right, and when my gut tells me to turn around then that´s what I do. Walking is great because there is so much happening each moment and you can pick something different to focus on every few minutes and that helps to stay grounded, to stay in the moment. Literally anything that allows you to be here right now can be a meditation, that´s how I see it. Because that takes the pressure out of it and makes me feel better about the topic of meditation. It motivates and inspires me. 
Working out. Reading. Listening to music. Drawing. Writing. Brushing your teeth. Cooking. Anything, really. As long as you´re concentrating on one task only, your entire focus on the task at hand. Letter for letter, step for step, brushstroke for brushstroke. Find what makes you feel good and what makes you feel present and grounded. No rules, no pressure; just you and this moment. 

Have some fun with it and play around.  


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