What I miss most about traveling

I went abroad for five months, four months I was solo. And that was one of the best things I have ever done in my entire life. Meeting so many new people, seeing so many new places. Late night talks with strangers, not knowing what I was going to do the next day or where I would end up. Living in hostel beds or in a car in the middle of nowhere. Just going with the flow- whatever felt right was what I did. And I´ve never been so present, so content to just be. 

And that´s one of the things I miss the most. Just following my heart.
But I also miss the people. The feeling of being in a community that is just living from day to day, curiosity its´ leader. Kindness everywhere. 
I found so many people that gave me the feeling of coming home. We were all searching for something but didn´t know what it was and we didn´t care. It was all about the journey, not the prize at the end. And we were all healing. It was like going to a meditation or yoga retreat, where the truly transforming part is not the classes (of course that´s where you learn new things and that´s amazing, too), but the connection you build with other souls that are trying to overcome past traumas, emotional abuse, habitual behaviors that are keeping them from fulfilling their dreams, negative thinking patterns. Trying to find a purpose in life and trying to help others constantly. Spreading kindness and love and receiving the same. 
Knowing that there are so many people out there that are doing the same, searching for the same as you? That´s truly inspiring. 

It never mattered how old or young someone was, where they came from, what language they spoke normally or what clothes they wore, what their hair looked like or their skin color. It was all different stages but the same play, different actors but the same plot. 

And of course I also met hundreds of people that I didn´t get along with and that didn´t get along with me, but that´s all part of the dance, too (as Ram Dass would say). It was something that could motivate me to learn every day and from everyone. I tried to learn from the message, not the messenger (what a wonderful Pinterest quote- I bet I read that somewhere, but I can´t remember where).

That feeling, that vibe of being part of something bigger just by being you. That, for me, is the juice of life. What I want to have every single day, what I want to build in my daily life. Because it´s not about where you are. It´s about the braveness in opening up to others, the reckless act of letting people in and opening your heart shamelessly. And most of the time it gets rewarded with others doing the same. Connection. 

Elza BuderComment