Around five in the morning...

 I wake up early, the only sound the birds and my heater. The first thing I do is just nothing. Giving myself the time to wake up gently. I used to be a "rush-out-of-bed-or-you´ll-never-wake-up" kind of person. But I changed that, and now I stay quiet for five minutes and think of my dreams or stretch a little. And then I journal- what did I dream about, how do I feel this morning and what do I want to do today? What´s going on in my life right now? I try to not look at my phone yet and meditate for at least 15 minutes. Staying quiet and just listening to myself. Finally, I can´t get myself to stay off my phone any longer, and I look at all my messages and snaps and tweets, but I don´t look at the news. Not yet. I want my mind to myself as much as possible, not taking on all the emotions running through my Instagram and Twitter before I even know what I feel like today. 
Working out and meditating in the morning gives me a sense of accomplishment: like I´ve already done the most important stuff I wanted to do that day before I even had breakfast. Sometimes I also take extra time to read. 


That´s the real reason I wake up early and have a routine: I feel accomplished and like I´ve already succeeded for the day. Like I conquered the day, and a considerable load can fall off my shoulders. I´ve read countless posts and books about morning routines-  dry brushing and oil pulling, yoga and self-inquiry journaling, creating a vision board or drawing, listening to soothing music or podcasts, taking a walk or doing photography,... Thousands of things that successful people swear is what makes them successful- those early and productive hours. But I think it´s not because of WHAT they do- it´s because they had the endurance to implement a routine that made them feel amazing and successful before they even interacted with another person. Their energy and vibration were raised, which set the tone for the rest of the day. 

Staying off social media for at least 30 minutes after waking up also makes a huge difference in my mood. And I knew that for years but never really trained myself to not look at my phone first thing in the morning. Just like I had to train myself to wake up earlier. And now I really like it, and I can feel a significant difference in my overall mood when I do, compared to when I sleep in and immediately begin with a day of work or family stuff or whatever else is going on. 

I don´t think that anyone doesn´t know what the amazing effects of a good morning routine can be. The difficulty is actually doing it. Jumping over your own shadow and just trying it for a month. Maybe you don´t need a morning but an evening routine, or a lunch routine. It´s not about the timing; it´s about taking some time for yourself and having a routine that makes you feel good, making time for self-care and self-development, making time for progressing in life and not staying stagnant. And about improving your mood and vibration for the rest of the day, letting the creativity flow and just feeling successful, even if that´s all you did today because it was still one of the most important things you could´ve done. Because it´s about you. And you deserve that kind of attention from yourself. 

Do you have a morning routine or something similar? Why do you do it? I´d love to know. 

Have a great day and stay here. 

Elza BuderComment