"Mind Mosaic" is the home everyone should have, a place where everyone is free to express themselves and talk about anything and everything that maybe you wouldn´t talk about with anyone. How you truly feel about yourself, traumatic events, the pills you have to take to function, anxiety and intrusive thoughts, being in the present moment, how physical health is detrimental to mental health, how we all know that but not always act upon it and anything else that could come to mind. A no-judge space, a safe zone, a support group if you will. 

My name is Elza and I am a German/Brazilian almost-adult, who just finished school and is now on the way to becoming a university student and a better human. I firmly believe that vulnerability is an ability that needs to be learned, that it is vital to living a fulfilled and happy life. I want to become my best me possible, try to understand others going through a hard time as well and I want to show everyone how connected we all are, that we truly are all very different but similar beings and that nobody is ever alone. And maybe you all can help me with that. Let´s start a journey together.